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Cinco de Mayo

Celebrate it in the most authentic way

An authentic recipe that is part of your home.

Our carnitas recipe is the same here as it is in your local Uruapan, Michoacan carnicería. Perfected over decades since the first Northgate store, our carnitas are simple, crispy and delicious.

An ancient recipe for a healthy meal in modern times.

Like our Aztec ancestors before us, our tortillas are made from scratch, with time, patience and perfection guiding us to a perfect balance with the stars and ourselves. Fresh, authentic, and as natural as earth or time, tortillas are the body of any authentic feast.

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The best of Mexico, all in our kitchen

Our kitchen is life. It is centuries of tradition that go into each and every one of our daily prepared meals. We’ve journeyed our homeland for the most blissful, soulful, inspiring recipes, and have brought an entire country’s worth all under one roof, prepared daily, for you and your table.

shrimp tacos

Where the new and unexpected converge with tradition.

This is where first, second, third, and all generations will gaze upon our shelves, populated with authentic items from Mexico and Latin America, and find everything needed.

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