Northgate Market


A kitchen of culture, always evolving.

Centuries of tradition, magic, and love infuse all of our daily prepared meals. Like our ingredients, our recipes come from every part of Mexico, and are passed down from one generation to the next. Try our chicharrón or the carnitas, or over twelve types of ceviche -- you won’t find this culinary experience in any other grocery store

Carnitas - An authentic recipe that is part of your home.
Our secret recipes are real, and they belong to you.
Ceviche - A ceviche for every occasion, and every family.
Aguas frescas - The purest ingredients are melded together to produce the most authentic tastes for our aguas frescas.
Chicharron - For over three generations our carnitas and chicharron have been made using our grandpa’s recipes.
Burritos - Warmth, home and love are wrapped inside our fresh tortillas.

If you’re hungry, we have a meal for you.

Whether you hunger for ceviche, tacos, chicharron, carnitas, burritos, tortas - or thirst for one of our 20 aguas frescas - our ingredients have journeyed from all over Mexico here to California to be a part of your family’s table.

Al Pastor Tacos