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A seed of hope grows into a forest of dreams

The González Reynoso Family Foundation’s mission is to plant seeds that help community members and organizations to grow.

The González tradition and commitment of giving back to our community started long before the official beginning of the González Reynoso Family Foundation.


The values and goodwill instilled by Don Miguel González and Doña Teresa Reynoso de González were well established and have carried on to the present day Foundation. Don Miguel believed that in order to prosper, he must also give back to the community that had provided him with his successful business.


He began this commitment to the community by providing donations to local sports teams, community events and neighborhood schools. Today, this goodwill and passion to help others continues to live through the González Reynoso Family Foundation.

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Distributed to scholarships from the González Reynoso Family Foundation in 2022

Estela Gonzalez de Ortiz, president of the Gonzalez Reynoso Family Foundation

Giving back is more than an enriching pursuit for our family – it’s an important part of our lives. It’s a value we learned from our parents, and it’s what we teach our children.


Whether it’s making donations to local schools and neighborhood sports teams or helping orphanages and convalescent homes in Mexico – distance is not an issue – our commitment is unwavering.


We’re here to lift up and support those in need. We see bright futures for our children, strength in our people, and a beautiful, inspiring heritage in our elders.
Join our fundraisers or volunteer at one of our events. It’s a meaningful way to help sow the seeds of hope for others.


– Estela González de Ortiz
González Reynoso Family Foundation President

The González Reynoso Family Foundation’s impact grows stronger every year:

Northgate employees cutting the ribbon on a new store