Our Heritage

A dream of

One man’s dream and determination turns into a legacy that thrives through the changing of times and passed down to future generations. The González family offers you a look into their heritage and history.


Hailing from Jalostotitlán, Jalisco, Mexico, Don Miguel González Jiménez was a product of humble beginings. Don Miguel worked as a shoemaker in a small shop in his beloved town.

purpose found in tragedy

In 1952, after a tragic fire consumed his shoe shop, what was once the pride of Don Miguel resulted in ashes. However, with the support of a loving and caring wife (Doña Teresa Reynoso de González) and with the backing of his community, Don Miguel found comfort and hope.

motivated by love of family

After a long 14 years of struggle and uncertainty, Don Miguel would make the decision to venture to the United States in order to pursue a better life for his wife and children. The “American Dream” was his path forward.

a new land for a new start

Years later Don Miguel became a business owner once again, as in 1980 he opened the first ever Northgate Market. Converting a once liquor store into a grocery store was no easy task, but Don Miguel and the rest of his family were no strangers to challenges. Eventually one store, turned into two, and the González family never looked back.

a foundation for generations

The González family continues to grow as does the history of Northgate Market. The foundation created by Don Miguel and the continued care by the family thereafter, the future is bright for Northgate Market.

A Culture To Be Proud Of

The González family has built a foundation for Northgate associates to find satisfaction in their work and ulitmately to discover the path to success. Click below to learn more about the culture and values that make up the Northgate Market experience.