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Pan de Muerto

Recién horenado y hecho con ingredientes auténticos, 100% mexicanos.

Freshly baked and made only with 

authentic Mexican ingredients. 

La Tradicion siempre vivira. Tradition lives forever.
Pan de Muerto on a wooden platter with smaller versions surrounding it

Pan de Muerto


Dia de los muertos is a day to celebrate and remember our loved ones that have gone before us. Dia de los muertos or “day of the dead” is a long standing cultural celebration that first began in Mexico with the ancient Aztecs. Keeping true to this long-standing tradition, families today make special preparations and beautiful altars with offerings of food, including the special egg-yolk bread called pan de muerto. Altars that are made to celebrate dia de los muertos are decorated with beautifully arranged marigods-cempazuchitl in Najuatl. People also use bright cut-out issue paper, sugar skulls, skeleton figurines, photos and other items that remind them of the loved one who has died. It is also common to see candles, which represent the soul, and incense, that symbolize the soul’s ascension to heaven to be displayed in this special remembrance.

Let Denise teach you how to build a beautiful altar for Dia de Los Muertos.

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