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Pineapple Tamales

Tamales de Piña

Loved by both children and adults alike, these fruity pineapple tamales are a must-try! Making pineapple tamales is easy-peasy!


2 lbs. Northgate Market® Pineapple Tamal Masa
1 cup pineapple (cut into small-sized cubes)
Corn husks rehydrated
1 cup cream cheese (cut into sticks)
¼ cup Pineapple jam for garnish
Atole for serving

5 lbs = 15 tamales | 15 lbs = 60 tamales


In a bowl, mix Northgate Market® Pineapple Tamal Masa and pineapple thoroughly.
Using a spoon, spread Northgate Market® Pineapple Tamal Masa on each corn husk. Add cream cheese. Fold the end of the corn husk toward the center tightly to close each tamal.
Arrange tamales on a steamer and steam for 45 minutes or until cooked through.
Serve pineapple tamales garnished with pineapple jam and paired with a cup of atole.