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Corn Custard Dessert

Jericallas de Elote


1 ¼ cups Corn kernels
1 cup Sugar
1.6 inches Cinnamon stick
3 ⅛ cups Water
4.2 cups Milk
½ cup Cooking water from the corn
8 Egg yolks
10 Small clay jars (4.2 oz capacity each)


Boil water with cinnamon and sugar and corn until they become very soft and the water reduces to one cup. Grind the kernels with their cooking water and milk, strain, and heat until the resulting atole boils. Let it cool slightly to dissolve the egg yolks in a cup of warm milk. Incorporate them into the rest of the corn milk by passing them through a sieve, mix thoroughly, and distribute in the small jars. Bake in a water bath without covering it to form a crust on the surface. Once cold, refrigerate for twelve hours and serve. They are more delicious when cold.