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Chicharrón Tacos

Tacos de Chicharrón

Indulge in a savory delight with our Chicharrón Tacos recipe, where crispy pork cracklings take center stage, perfectly complemented by a zesty salsa verde, crumbled Cotija cheese, and the vibrant freshness of red onions and cilantro. Elevate your taco game with this irresistible fusion of textures and flavors, promising a fiesta for your taste buds.


1 pork belly chicharron
3 oz guacamole
2 oz citrus onions
2 whole lime
2 spring oregano fresh
4 yellow corn tortillas
1 oz salt


1. In a mixing bowl, add 1 fresh squeezed lime, half an onion diced into ½ inch slices, fresh oregano, and salt. Mix ingredients well.
2. Slice pork belly 2 inches thick.
3. Set the comal or griddle on medium, heat up tortillas of your choice for 1 minute on each side. Remove tortillas from the griddle and place on a plate. Serve your pork belly on the tortilla topped with guacamole and citrus onions.