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Strawberry Tamales Strawberry Tamales

Tamal de Fresa

These strawberry tamales bursting with raisins are perfect for a family dinner. You can even fill them with jam or whipped cream!


2 lbs. Northgate Market® Strawberry Tamal Masa
1 cup raisins
1 cup strawberries (cut into small-sized cubes)
Corn husks rehydrated
¼ cup raisins for garnish
Milk for serving

5 lbs = 15 tamales | 15 lbs = 60 tamales


In a bowl, mix Northgate Market® Strawberry Tamal Masa, raisings, and strawberries thoroughly.
Spread Northgate Market® Strawberry Tamal Masa on each rehydrated corn husk. Fold the end of the corn husk toward the center to close each tamal. Repeat until all the ingredients are used up.
Arrange tamales on a steamer and steam for 40 minutes.
Garnish strawberry tamales with raisins and serve with a cup or milk or champurrado.