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Cheese and Molcajete Chili Soups

Sopitos de Queso y Chile de Molcajete


Ingredients for the dough:
1 ¼ cup corn dough
⅛ cup Amaranth flour
1 ½ tbsp of corn oil
⅛ tsp. Ground salt
¼ cup Roasted and ground green pumpkin seed

Procedure: Mix all the ingredients and knead until it has a cake-like consistency.

Ingredients for the güeritos sauce with tequila or mezcal:
3 tsp Grain salt or to taste
1 ¼ Roasted güerito chile on comal (8 to 12 pieces)
2 ½ Roasted leafy tomato on comal
50 ml. White tequila or mezcal

Roast the chiles and tomatoes over medium-high heat to cook them and char the skin in places. In the molcajete, grind the salt first, then the chiles and finally the tomatoes. Add the tequila and finish adjusting the consistency with a little warm water. Check the seasoning.

Ingredients for the gourd shoot chili:
2 to 8 pcs. Dry Roasted Yahualica Tree Chile on a comal over low heat
¼ tsp. Grain salt or to taste
4 shoot branches of the guaje tree, 15 cm each
½ pc. Large juicy lemon or to taste
4 Tbsp. Water or to taste


In the molcajete, grind the chiles and salt perfectly. Add the gourd florets and grind until leaving a smooth paste. It is normal because of the fiber that the wand contains. The thick branch with which it adhered to the tree is discarded. Only the most tender part known as buds is used. Add the lemon juice, mix and then the tablespoons of water.