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This holiday season, celebrate the flavor of Tamales!

At Northgate González Market we have a wide variety of freshly made Tamales and everything you need to make them yourself.

From Masa to Tamales

You can find fresh Masa in all our Tortillerias that is made in the most traditional way. We grind our Nixtamal with volcanic stone and mix it with water and lime, without preservatives.

At the Carnicería you’ll find all the proteins needed for your batches of Tamales. And in our Produce department, you can find Corn and Banana Husks to wrap your Tamales, and put them all together in the Tamaleras that you can also find in our stores. But if cooking is not your thing, in our Cocina we have a wide variety of freshly made Tamales for you to choose from for your family’s dinner.

And now that the most delicious season of the year is here...

Come to your nearest Northgate González Market store for everything you need to celebrate the flavor of Tamales this holiday season!