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This holiday season, celebrate the flavor of Tamales!

At Northgate González Market we have a wide variety of freshly made Tamales and everything you need to make them yourself.

You can find all of your Tamales essentials at Northgate Market. Our tortillerias produce the most authentic Masa that is made in the most traditional way by cooking our corn in-house and grinding the Nixtamal with volcanic stone. We use all natural ingredients and have a variety of Masas to choose from, like Prepared Masa for your savory tamales, and Strawberry and Pineapple flavored for sweet tamales.

From Masa to Tamales

Let this be a year to remember by letting us guide your Tamale making experience this season. Our experts have developed a few hacks to walk you through the preparation and assembly process, and we’ve even included a few traditional recipes for you to try!


Tips and tricks for making tamales

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How to Assemble Tamales

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How to Cook Tamales

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How to Make a Dozen Tamales

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How to Make a Pork Marinade for Tamales

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How to Soak Husks for Tamales

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How to Spread Masa for Tamales

Explore our tamale Recipes

And now that the most delicious season of the year is here...

Come to your nearest Northgate González Market store for everything you need to celebrate the flavor of Tamales this holiday season!